Caley Reece: la kickboxer incinta sul ring – VIDEO

Caley Reece

Caley Reece è una campionessa australiana di kickboxing. A 37 anni è alla 39ma settimana di gravidanza. Si è ritirata dalle gare, ma non rinuncia agli allenamenti con il marito-coach. E scrive: “Dont stop what you love”, “Non fermare ciò che ami”. “Perché c’è sempre un modo per superare tutto”.

Caley Reece: la kickboxer incinta sul ring – VIDEO

39 weeks and potentially the last time I hit pads with ma belly. Theres so much I cant do such as switch left kicks, lots of punches in a row (twisting), ANY power, ANY speed, quick footwork or changes, but that doesnt mean I have to give up.

It simply means, I make do with what I have. There is no free style pad holding, Daz is calling every single thing so we both know exactly what is happening at all times. People ragging out on previous videos saying Im going to fall over, trip on my belly, get punched accidentally, too much on the belly etc… um… so what if I get punched in the face – my baby isnt growing in my head!! There is no more danger here than there is power walking or twisting in a pool. We have been doing this for over 40years combined.

Dont stop what you love. Theres always ways around everything. ? #pregnancy #pregnant #riddlersgym #muaythai #muaythaiislife #training #passion #39thweek #tired #fitness #fit #babybump #belly #nearlythere #punishfightgear @punishfightgearandnutrition #ifyadontlikeitthencatchya

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Sono nata a Roma il 14 dicembre 1970, ho fatto il Classico tanti anni fa, poi la facoltà di Chimica a La Sapienza. Ho lavorato in diversi campi, sono stata per anni coordinatrice capo di Giornalettismo. Ora il mio progetto si chiama Superstarz